Saturday, 21 July 2012

College Fashion


We buy our books, get all our supplies and make our face crystal clear and pick out a nice little outfit for the first day .you may be thinking for what?

Of course for college but everyone tends to forget that looking fashionable stylish or cool just the first day isn't the point. If we look stylish on the first day then we gotta continue that look for the whole year which is hard. but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 

Spending about an hour trying to find something to wear just in the morning  isn't the right thing. we have to sort out our clothes like numbering our jeans it sounds quiet silly but it really works wonders.  always keep an emergency outfit in hand. adopt the mix and match system especially with jeans or leggings and jeggings.and get ready to look Super Stylish.
And being stylish doesn't mean discomfort. Just Imagine yourself walking to class in high stillettoes and body shaping garments. 
Never try to look like someone else just be yourself and have fun. Express yourself with confidence and that itself becomes your style statement. never feel depressed for anything don't focus on your weak features instead always praise yourself for the good things in you like if u have a bad nose and very beautiful eyes ignore the nose and focus on your eyes. manage what can be done and never interfere with god's creations. 

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