Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wardrobe essentials for college girls!

20 Must haves in a college fashionista’s wardrobe

Every girl wants to look her best in college and wants to have the best of her here are some essentials for a college fashionista:

1.Jeans: A must have. 3 or 4 pairs of casual comfortable jeans and 1 hip jeans for a dressy affair.

2. Crisp white shirt    

3. lots of Tees ( plain and printed)

4.2 or 3 tank tops and spaghetti es

5.  kaftans   

6. kurtis         

7.1 or 2 chic cardigans

8. 1 pair of trousers either white or black.

9. jackets or shrugs 

10. dorm wear sweats 

11. 1-2 belts

12.a fabulous hat

13. cute little flats, a pair of pumps 

14.a big handbag which almost fits everything 

15. a classy clutch for parties

16. 1-3 pair of heels 

17. chunky bracelets 

18. watches

19.a pair of flip flops

20. and of course a pair or 2 of sneakers

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